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Body Treatments


Swedish full body 60min R420
Swedish (back, neck &shoulder)           45min R300
Swedish (back, neck & shoulder) 30min R260
Hot stone - full body  1h15min R460
Hot stone - back, neck & shoulder 45min R320
Deep tissue massage - full body  60min R480
Deep tissue massage 45min R320
Deep tissue massage — back 30min R280
Aromatherapy cupping massage 30min R280
Aromatherapy cupping massage 1h R440
Scalp massage 30min R180
Foot & leg exfoliation & massage 30min R200
Reflexology 45min R270
Aromatherapy 1h R420
Lymph drainage 1h R280

Swedish massage is a light to meduim pressure massage for relaxation from stress and for general improvement of circulation.
Hot stone massage is a massage with heated basalt stones. It warms the muscles so that the therapist can work deeper in the muscles especially in winter time. It works well for clients who feel uncomfortable to be touched with the hands.
Deep Tissue massage is a deeper pressure massage used to work out the knots in the muscles, especially very stiff and sore muscles.
Aromatherapy cupping massage is great for clients with circulation problems like extra lymph build-up or swelling, as long as it is not systemic or you are suffering from thrombosis. It is excellent for a deep massage without the therapist pressing so hard.
Reflexology is working on the presssure points on the client's feet for deep relaxation.
Aromatherapy is a treatment where the therapist do a light massage with a specific blend of essential oils for your needs. Great for relaxation and rejuvenation.
Lymphatic drainage is excellent for clients with a lot of toxic build-up in their bodies or suffer from swelling. People wanting to lose weight or who has a lot of stress.

Nail Care

Spa Pedicure 1h15min R240
Spa Manicure 60min R190
Mini manicure 45min R150
Mini pedicure 45min R190
French pedicure 1h30min R290
French manicure 1h15min R240
Manicure with colour gel overlay 1h30min R280
Pedicure with colour gel overlay 1h45min R300
Colour gel overlay with mini mani or pedi 60min R210

Body Features and Waxing

Brow shape/ Brow wax 30min R 80
Brow Tint                15min R 75
Lash Tint 30min R 85
Lash & Brow Tint 30min R140
Lash & Brow Tint & Wax 45min R220
Brow Wax & Tint 35min R135
Lip wax 15min R 75
Lip & Chin wax 30min R150
Cheeks 20min R110
Face wax including brows 45min R230
Full Leg Wax 1h R250
3/4 Leg Wax 45min R210
1/2 Leg Wax 30min R190
Bikini Wax 45min R130
Back Wax 30min R220
Under Arm Wax 30min R120
Full Arm Wax 45min R210

Facials and Peels

RegimA Initiation Peel 45min R380
RegimA Initiation Exfoliating Facial Treatment
using Omega High Impact
60-90min R490
Rapid Rejuvenation Treatment
using Rapid Rejuvo ‘Peel’ Masque
45min R400
Rapid Rejuvenating Facial
using Rapid Rejuvo ‘Peel’ Masque
60-90min R500
RegimA Acne Pro Decongesting Treatment
using Acne Attack Pro Masque
45min R375
RegimA Acne Pro Decongesting Facial Treatment
using Acne Attack Pro Masque
60-90min R405
RegimA Purifying Deep Cleansing Treatment
for Younger Skins - using Rapid Rejuvo Masque
60min R330

RegimA Facials/Peels It works in 4 steps of intensity. The first step is the Initiation Peel or Initiation Exfoliating Facial Treatment. This treatment will require a longer consultation to choose the best products for you to use at home.
Step 2 is the Rapid Rejuvenation Treatment or the RegimA Acne Pro Decongesting Treatment.


Manicure with hand massage 45min R120
Pedicure with foot massage 45min R190
Back massage 30min R150
Facial cleanse, mask, and day cream 30min R120

Pilates Exercise Classes (45 min to 1 hour sessions)

Online single class R50
Online 4 classes per month R150
Online 8 classes per month R250
Mobile in-house single class R150
Mobile in-house 4 classes per month R250
Mobile in-house 8 classes per month R350

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